Remodeling projects can be very stressful.  Homeowners are afraid of making expensive mistakes, there are hundreds of choices and decisions to be made, contractors need timely decisions, and budgets can spiral out of control.  With a little pre-planning and the right team of professionals, a lot of the stress can be avoided.



Trying to make decisions along the way without a clear vision and plan will guarantee disappointing results.  You should not rely on your contractor to choose your color palette, select your finishes and inherently know how all the various elements will work together.  Once you have had an initial conversation with your contractor to make sure that the project is within your budget, then engage the services of an interior designer.

When you meet with your designer, be prepared by having ideas to share and pictures of spaces that resemble what you want.  Focus on general styles that appeal to you.  Pinterest and are great starting places.  Remain open to recommendations from your designer and contractor.  Be prepared to make a decision and move on to the next step.  Constantly changing your mind and second guessing your decisions will cost time and money.  Be flexible if something you originally wanted isn’t possible due to unforeseen issues.

Read quotes carefully to be sure you understand what is and isn’t included.  It’s very easy to get caught up in add ons and features that you might not need.  These can quickly put your budget out of line.  Your designer can help keep you on track when shopping for lighting, tile, flooring, etc.

Be realistic about how long projects may take and allow sufficient time.  A major remodeling project is disruptive under the best conditions and sometimes unforeseen problems or product delays can cause an extended timeline.  By having all possible decisions made and products purchased as far in advance as possible, you can greatly influence a successful outcome.   Before you know it, you will be enjoying your newly remodeled space!

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