Regardless of whether your personal style is traditional and layered or modern and minimalist, your home should tell your story—who shares it, where you came from, where you have been, what you cherish, what you remember.  Spaces should be a reflection of the people who use them.

Every room in my home, even the rooms that don’t get used on a regular basis, holds things that are meaningful to my husband and me.  I can close my eyes and picture my siblings and I doing homework at the table that now sits in my kitchen, or my family gathered around it for dinners and cutthroat Monopoly games.  When I prepare one of my rooms for guests, I think of the fun times my sister and I had when we shared that furniture in our bedroom, whispering secrets in the dark, dressing our dolls and experimenting with make-up and hair styles.  When we first got married, my husband refinished several case pieces that belonged to his grandparents to serve as our bedroom furniture.  He has fond recollections of those pieces in their homes.

When I travel and I want to bring something home with me, I like to look for something unique to that area that will later spark memories of the great adventures I had on that trip or the interesting people I met along the way.  Each object makes me smile and takes me back to a great experience.  On holidays and when I entertain, I love to use my mother’s table linens and serving pieces.  She collected them with great care and they remind me of what a fabulous hostess she was.

These are the things that give a home warmth and character and tell your family’s story.  When designing a space for a client, I will ask them to lay out on a table the mementos or objects that are meaningful to them.  It could be souvenirs from a trip, baby shoes, family photos, a tea set, childhood books or toys, seashells collected at the beach, anything at all.  I design a way to display these mementos so that they tell that family’s story.  But sometimes, there are no collections or mementos that have meaning.  Then we create them!  We might turn family photos into canvas art or shop for unique and preferably hand-made items that reflect what they love.   We have access to so many great resources that with a few shopping adventures, we can collect and create the things that will be a reflection of you and tell your unique story.

Does your home tell your story?  If it doesn’t, let’s pull out the things you cherish and put them on display so that you can enjoy them.  Or let’s schedule a shopping day to find those unique things that speak to you and make your house “home.”

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