The trend toward the simple shapes and straight lines of mid-century design continues to be strong as ever.  First appearing in the 1930’s and lasting through the mid-1960s, this style is showing up in popular television shows, design magazines and furniture stores.  Can you include some mid-century style in your home without a total re-do?  Of course!

If you are a baby boomer, like I am, you may remember your parents owning some mid-century furniture.  And maybe you wish that you still had some of it!  The style is characterized by industrial looking clean lines and geometric shapes with little or no carving or ornamentation.  While some true vintage pieces can be found, reproductions are plentiful.

One of the most important ways to incorporate mid-century design into your home is with the furniture.  Especially in today’s movement toward smaller and simpler living spaces, the multi-purpose aspects of mid-century furniture make them a smart choice.  For example, a buffet that folds out into a table makes it perfect for entertaining.  To continue the style, keep the rest of your décor simple and clutter free with minimal accessories.  Choose bright accent colors like teal, orange or mustard.  Metallic accents are one of the hallmarks of mid-century design, and a starburst mirror should take center stage in the living room.

Creating a mid-century vibe in your kitchen is all about using natural materials and bright colors.  Cabinet shape is one of the details of a mid-century kitchen, often long, tall and reaching to the ceiling.  Stainless appliances are a great choice without making the space look too retro.

Mid-century bedrooms are easy to create.  Choose a simple bed frame in darker wood with skinny pointed legs.  Keep bedding minimal but with a few bright pops of color and add a geometric rug.  Choose nightstands and dressers that have simple lines.

Choose appropriate lighting to bring your mid-century décor together.  There are many great choices in the marketplace, and most are designed to be the centerpiece of the room.  From tripod or arch style floor lamps to multi-globe or Sputnik looking ceiling lights, you are sure to find the perfect choice to enhance your style and individuality.

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