It seems like there is a DIY show or YouTube video on how to do everything imaginable.  With all the information available, is it smart to take on remodeling projects yourself or better to call a professional?  Well, it depends!  It’s not as easy as Chip and Joanna make it look on television!

Assessing the degree of difficulty, your skill set and your time is the best place to start.  While you may be capable of learning the necessary skills for the project, can you fully commit to all aspects of the work before you begin?  A professional will be able to take into consideration all of the potential problems that a DIYer wouldn’t anticipate.

Do you have the specialized tools that may be required to execute the project?  Is your timeline fluid and are you prepared to devote evenings and weekends to working on the project?  Will the project involve structural changes that need to be evaluated or a building permit?

Projects that require plumbing and electrical, particularly in older homes, are usually best left to professionals.  It won’t be helpful to save money on doing it yourself if your efforts cause a fire or flood.  And sometimes a project will reveal structural problems that need to be addressed before proceeding.

Whether you choose to DIY in all or part or hire a professional, it’s prudent to cushion your budget by 10-15 percent to allow for unforeseen issues.   Good luck!

Kathy Phillips in Kennesaw, GA on Houzz

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