We’ve all heard the tried-and-true tips for getting a better night’s sleep—limit caffeine and alcohol, limit electronics usage, don’t exercise too closely to bedtime.  These are great recommendations, but your bedroom environment may play the biggest role in helping you get a good night’s sleep.  Research studies at a prominent Chicago medical center discovered that you can set up a bedroom that promotes deep sleep and looks beautiful at the same time.  Here are their suggestions.


Upholstered headboards can help muffle noise that disturbs light sleepers, and window coverings that darken your bedroom make it easier to fall asleep.  The light from outside can still filter through closed eyelids and interfere with our body’s internal clock.  Placing the bed against a wall where we have a clear view of the door and make us feel safer, and having a clutter-free nightstand can eliminate distractions that make us feel like we have a to-do list.

If your bedroom is not carpeted, an area rug helps buffer noise and defines the sleep area.  Instead of using bold colors or patterns in your bedding and art, stick to textures in neutral colors and landscape or abstract art.  Make sure that your mattress and pillow are not in need of replacing, and the ideal temperature for sleeping is between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Soothing paint colors like soft gray, blue or green are recommended, as well as warm white light bulbs.  The cool white bulbs emit blue light similar to what electronics emit.


These changes are easy to easy to implement, but if you don’t know where to begin, a design consultation may be just the ticket to counting zzz’s instead of sheep!

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