When I begin consulting with a new client, I will usually ask them to define their personal style.  I’m often met with a blank look and stammering!  With so much to choose from, it’s no wonder that most people feel overwhelmed and confused.  Articulating your style is the key to creating a room that really reflects you.  With a few simple steps, you can learn to identify your style and transform that information into a more beautiful and functional home.

Picking a sofa or dining table is not that different from choosing a pair of shoes:  it’s about who you are and what you like on a gut level.  Identifying your decorating style involves getting in touch with that!  First, take a tour of your home and really look at your furniture.  Take a notepad along and make two lists:  Love it and Wish I could replace it.  Catalog everything, including art and major accessories, and be honest.  How does that item make you feel when you look at it?  If you don’t like it, why?  Are you keeping it just because someone gave it to you and you feel obliged to use it?  Take your time and be thorough with this step.

Next, pull together small things that you love, including clothing.  Check dresser tops, the mantel, china cabinet, bookshelves, etc.  Look at your collections and mementos, if you have any.  Pull out a few favorite accessories and pieces of jewelry that make you feel awesome when you wear them.  Focus on the things you gathered that are really beautiful and joyful to you.


Now imagine the places that you love to be and why you love them, whether it’s the neighborhood coffee shop or a far-away destination.  If real world constraints didn’t apply, what would your dream home look like and where would it be?  If you received an invitation to the Oscars, what would you wear?  If you could shop anywhere, where would you choose?  If you could take a dream vacation, what would it look like?  This imagining takes you beyond the limitations of your own lifestyle and budget and into new creativity.  Jot down your answers to these questions.


When you compare your answers from these different steps and the objects that you love most, you will begin to notice common threads, colors, designs, styles.  You may also find that you are attracted to a combination of styles rather than a single style.  Now you can follow your instincts and be true to what you love, having the confidence to express your style without hesitation.  Come back soon for Part 2, which will identify some major decorating styles and the characteristics of each.


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