It’s almost impossible to create beautiful, well-functioning rooms that have a place for everything if you have too much stuff.  And sometimes the first step my clients have to take before we can work on decorating their rooms is to pare down.  How do you know if you have too much stuff?  If you find yourself constantly hoping that the next great organizational or storage device is going to be your saving grace, you may be suffering from over-abundance.   Not sure?  Here are three questions you can ask yourself!

Do you have multiple versions of the same thing?  Do you have extra coffee makers in case the one you use every day breaks?  Are you keeping a toaster that will only toast two slices instead of four as a back up?  Have casserole dishes without lids just in case you need an extra for holiday dinners?  Start in one cabinet and go shelf by shelf, section by section.  Take out anything that is a duplicate and keep only the ones you really use on a regular basis.  Repeat this exercise until you have gone through all your cabinets and pantry.  Sell or donate the extras and don’t put them back “just in case you may need them one day.”

Do you have to slam the closet doors so that the over-flow doesn’t spill out onto the floor?  Can’t get to the things at the bottom of your drawers?  Most of us wear the same few things over and over even when our closets and dressers are over-flowing.  I don’t personally follow the rule of getting rid of things that I haven’t worn in a year (I don’t use my ski clothes every year for example), but if I consistently pass over a garment in favor of another, it tells me that it is time to pass it on.  Try the Marie Kondo method of putting your hands on every garment and asking yourself if you love it, if it fits perfectly now (not when you lose 10 pounds), and if you would want to be seen in public in it.  If the answer to any of these questions is no, you know what to do!


Are you constantly unable to find what you need (like the flashlight or batteries, or a tape measure)?  This usually means that you have too much stuff!  How many of us really use 20 pencils at a time, or 30 pens, or all the doo-dads in the junk drawer?  Get rid of the extras!  It will free up a lot of room for the few things that you really do use and you will love being able to find something when you need it.

You will be amazed at how much bigger your home seems without all the extra things that you don’t need or use, how much better it will function, and how much less stress you and your family will have.

Kathy Phillips in Kennesaw, GA on Houzz

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